Music Production

The Remix Studio understands both the creative and commercial side of the business and has developed relationships with both musicians and the record labels. We create environments that enable artists to create and express themselves. We also assist an artist’s recording project with many of the details, including choosing which material to record, interfacing with the recording engineer, adapting arrangements, balancing the recording budget, and influencing mixes.

We have learned about foundational audio and music concepts, studied various types of software, know what makes a good sound, have acquired knowledge in engineering and mixing. We are acquainted with all styles and have developed the necessary skill set.

Rates: $25,000 – $1,000,000+


The Remix Studio can write for the classical music genre, film, TV, and video games. We can also write and arrange recorded or live music across genres. We have a masterful understanding of music theory, and are able to really play many instruments, and have the technical capabilities to capture our compositions effectively, whether it be through music notation or recording. 

Stephanie Green has a formal education and experience. She is a proficient composer in many instruments and has a deep understanding of music theory and arrangement. She understands the technicalities and mechanics of music on multiple levels.

Rates: Per-project basis. 

Television Composer 

$1,500-$7,500+ for a 30-minute episode 
$2,000-$15,000+ for a 60-minute episode 
$2,000-$55,000+ for a TV movie 

Film Score Composer

$2,500-$500,000+ for an indie feature 
$35,000-$2mil+ for a studio feature 

Video Game Composer 

$30,000-$75,000+ for Creative Fee deal – interactive game (30 min. of music) 
$30,000-$60,000+ for Package Fee deal – interactive game (30 min. of music) – covers composing and all expenses 
$300-$600 per minute of finished music for casual games (creative fee only)

Music Arrangement

The Remix Studio takes a piece of written music and reorganizes it to achieve a new sound or goal. A client might ask us to take a pop piece and add a Hip-Hop rhythm, shorten or lengthen a piece, or change the key. Arranging is a specialized skill. 

Music arrangement is a skill set in addition to our writing and composition skills. We have a deep understanding of music theory, different instrument groups and how they work with one another. We have learned the fundamentals of music theory, composition, and the technical aspects involved.

Rates: $20,000-$43,000+